Estate Tax Review and Planning

If your gross estate is within a certain monetary threshold, it may be subject to significant estate taxes after you're gone.  That means you could pass on significantly less to your loved ones.  The Internal Revenue Code and state tax laws are constantly changing, but the experienced estate planning attorneys at Barber Power Law Group stay up to date on the latest changes in the law so you can have peace of mind about your estate plan.

We will review your current estate plan and identify key areas where you can easily avoid or minimize future taxes.  If you don't currently have an estate plan, we can work together to craft one that will accomplish the twofold goal of every estate plan we put together: maximizing your legacy while minimizing your taxes.  Given the nature of tax laws in the United States, we recommend revisiting your estate plan on a regular basis.  All of our estate planning packages come with a number of annual free reviews and updates.

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