Do tax payments, debts, delinquencies or levies keep you up at night?  Has the IRS already taken your car, your home, or your hard-earned money?  You need help from qualified tax professionals NOW so that you can obtain financial freedom and move forward confidently!  Barber Power Law Group is the most trusted tax resolution office in North Carolina, and we're here to help you overcome your tax problems.  Let our experienced tax attorneys take over communication with the IRS and negotiate a deal that is in your favor!

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Get the upper hand on the IRS!  Get financial relief and avoid subsequent penalties by trusting your tax problems with Barber Power Law Group.  We're reliable, professional tax attorneys who care about you and your family!  Call us now for immediate support or schedule a free consultation below.

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Why Choose Tax Attorneys to Solve Tax Problems?

There are thousands of "tax resolution" companies out there who prey upon those with tax problems.  At Barber Power Law Group, our tax attorneys are bound by a professional code of ethics to put our clients first every single time we help them.  We don't have customers, we have clients.

How Does Tax Resolution Work?

We use a three-stage process.  First, we analyze all of your past returns and your account with the IRS.  Second, we identify different options for you and determine which provides you the best path to financial freedom.  Third, we negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to solve your tax problems and help you move forward!