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What We Do Best!

When you set up your franchise with Barber Power Law Group, you’re working with the best. When working with us to draft your franchise documents, here is summary of what we can help you with:

  • Talk with you about your short term and long terms goals in franchising

  • Help you determine if you are ready to franchise your business

  • Meet with you in person to collect all information to draft your franchise disclosure document

  • Draft your franchise disclosure document, franchise agreements and all necessary exhibits to help protect you

  • Perform an industry analysis to ensure you are competitive in the franchise marketplace but stand out from your competitors

  • Review and give our legal opinion regarding your operations and procedures manuals

  • Provide you with legal language to help protect you when selling franchises

  • Advise you on expansion in to different states

  • File and protect your federal trademarks

  • and much, much more...


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Jason’s role with a franchisor client we share goes above and beyond that of a typical attorney’s function. He provides not only informed legal counsel, but also practical business advice. His focus is not why the client cannot move forward on a specific initiative, but instead on the best means to do so; very much a “Yes, if .....”, rather than a “No, because...” approach.
— Tracey Nelson, Maven Marketing Solutions, 2013
Jason Power … provided my franchise system with honest and reliable legal work for the past several years; they are extremely knowledgeable about the tough federal and state franchise laws. I never really trusted Attorney’s but this firm has gone far and above what their agreement was with me. They are honest, reliable and have a great payment plan, which is what allowed me to get in the franchise world. The part I like the most is they care about my business and me as if it was their life’s work! Straightforward talk with no punches pulled and backed with what I believe is real life experience as business people and Attorneys. I highly recommend this very ethical team!
— Dave, 2013
Jason was one of the lead attorneys in his firm that crafted and implemented my client’s (and friend) franchise. I highly recommend Jason, his expertise and experience gets the job done well, and his personable manner is refreshing to work with.
— Sonia St. James, Asset Exchange Strategies, 2013